For Life, Inc.


For Life, Inc.During the month of January the Radio Free 102.3 KJLH Foundation Spotlight recognizes the For Life, inc. foundation.

For Life Inc. is a non-profit organization that houses education and wellness projects globally.

Our mission is to increase access to education, raise health awareness, decrease the risk of obesity, malnutrition, and diet related disorders in underrepresented communities around the world.

The purposes for which the incorporation was formed:

  1. To house national and international health and education projects targeting underserved communities.
  2. To increase health awareness and create healthy lifestyle changes within underrepresented communities.
  3. To provide assistance in the areas of health and education for low income communities nationally and internationally.
  4. To decrease the risk of obesity and diet related disorders nationally and internationally within high risk communities.
  5. To decrease malnutrition nationally and internationally within high risk communities.

Presently, we are housing three health projects: Jamaica for Life, LA for Life, and Cape Verde for Life.

To learn more about the For life, inc. foundation, visit

Thanks to our friends at For life, inc for making a difference in our community.


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