Big Pwee


He is a half Black and Filipino popular Los Angeles DJ. Bigg P-Wee has worked his way up from a street team intern, to one of LA’s top radio personalities, becoming a major force in the music industry. Well, Bigg P-wee’s current success didn’t come easy. It had a lot of hustle and grind to it. While graduating from University High School, he started college at Santa Monica Community College as a part-time broadcasting radio student graduated with his AA in Communications. In September of 1994, at the age of 19, he scored an internship in the Community Actions Department at KKBT – The Beat. P-wee put in hours of work as an intern in hopes of getting his foot in the door. “I didn’t realize it was going to be this hard getting in the door,” says P-wee.

In October of 1995, he moved his internship over to the Promotions Department at KKBT- The Beat. After spending two successful years on the Street Team doing community and promotional events, Bigg P-wee received a job opportunity working at Motown Records as assistant to the West Coast Promotions Director. P-wee had a chance to see both sides of Radio and the Record industry. P-wee, wanted to try something new and went up north to San Francisco KMEL 106.1. After six months, he came back home to KKBT – The Beat to hit the streets. Then, in the August 2002, he moved on to be a part time On Air Personality which didn’t last long. He became one of the Co-host of the ..#1 morning show in LA “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” P-wee earned his reputation on the morning show as a young record breaker…a segment where new exclusive music is heard first on Freedom Fridays where Steve and P-wee would battle each other with new and old school music. In November of 2004, he started at 93.5 KDAY FM for 5 years P-wee continue to hit the air waves bridging the gap between “Hip Hop Today and Back in the Day.”

After being in the music industry 19yrs and counting with much success, Bigg P-wee can now be heard on 102.3 KJLH Plus catch up with Biggpwee every Saturday from 8pm-midnight inside the The SpinRoom on KJLH. He is proud to be part of the KJLH family which is owned by R&B legend Mr. Stevie Wonder. Plus being an entrepreneur and hosting at the hottest clubs in LA.

“While growing up in Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time at my next door neighbors house as they had house party’s and I was the DJ. I knew I loved the music, but had no clue my life would have this affect on so many people through this profession”, said P-wee.

I hope to bring together the community, music and the love of the people to 102.3 KJLH.


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