ESPN Suspends Jemele Hill New Series of Tweets

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Yesterday (Oct. 9, 2017) ESPN announced that SportsCenter host Jemel Hill has been placed on two weeks suspension for violating the company’s social media guidelines. According to ESPN spokesperson Josh Krulewitz, Hill was suspended for tweets regarding a potential boycott of companies associated with advertising with the Dallas Cowboys. ESPN released a statement via Twitter stating the same.

Many feel Hill was suspended for no apparent reason as she did not directly call for a boycott and she was speaking in context of a bigger conversation regarding Jerry Jones’s promise to bench any players that are caught “disrespecting the flag.”

Donald Trump chimed in the conversation on Twitter commenting that Jemel Hill is the reason ESPN’s ratings have “tanked.” However, fans, colleagues and more have been coming to the aid of Hill saying that there are many other problems. According to Forbes writer Madeline Berg the decline in ratings are likely linked to increased completion like the internet not politics.

Story by Viola Malone


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