Nautica de la Cruz

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Monday-Friday 10am-1pm

Tune in everyday at 10am for Nautica’s 10@10. Where YOU chose the songs! Send your song request using the Open Mic with the KJLH app.

Birthday: September 20
Hometown: Brooklyn, NYC
Married To: Pj Butta
Children: 1 daughter
Favorite Movies: Scarface, Like Water for Chocolate & The Notebook
Favorite Actors: Denzel Washington & Salma Hayek
Favorite Artists: Common, Mary J. Blige & Sade
Favorite Food: Puerto Rican and Italian
Hobbies: Voice overs, acting and scrapbooking
Favorite Things in Life: love every minute with my daughter, love to travel and kisses from my husband.
Things I believe in: God, Being Green, Recycling, and reaching out to the community.



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