OJ Simpson Is Free And Getting A Museum In His Honor!?


It looks like things are looking up for the former superstar sportsman O.J. Simpson. A week after ‘The Juice‘ was granted parole, a gallery in Chinatown announced they would host a Simpson-themed pop-up museum.

An “O.J. Simpson Museum” will temporarily takeover Coagula Curatorial Gallery in Los Angeles,  Aug. 18-Aug. 22, 2017. The exhibit will feature 300 items, including sports memorabilia, O.J. board games, an O.J. library and many mementos from the 1995 murder trial. 

“The museum is about the phenomenon associated with [Simpson]; not about him,” Adam Papagan, the museum’s curator, said to LAist.

The exhibit will also feature a tribute to Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.



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