Proven Achievers 2019

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Thanks to all who came out to celebrate seven accomplished individuals whose compassion, intelligence, commitment and vision have elevated our children, our families and our beloved community domestically and internationally. Our Proven Achiever Honorees are an amazing group of individuals who are involved in serving our community in many different ways from making sure our children have resources and opportunities to grow, elevating and expanding their horizon. When the family unit suffers a traumatic event we have an honoree that makes sure the children, mothers/women have a sanctuary to heal and resources to move beyond the event toward a secure and safe future. Keeping in line with family, our next honorees Mother and Son have committed themselves to providing for young adults preparing for college and single parent families locally and in Nigeria. When we are in harm’s way, and get entangled into the legal system, we can take comfort to know we have men of integrity and that know the law, defend our civil rights and make sure we are treated equitably within the perimeters of the law. Commitment to the beloved community has no age limit, our Junior Achiever has taken it upon herself to make treasure of our slightly used tennis shoes in the most thoughtful way.


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