In a Perfect World Foundation

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The In a Perfect World Foundation is an award-winning nonprofit organization. We support educators & children in underserved classrooms, provide mentorship & artistic expression to at-risk youth, build schools in high-poverty communities, and encourage young people to take action and make a difference.

When you support In a Perfect World, you’re directly impacting the lives of youth in Nepal, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Mali, Malawi, Senegal, Nicaragua and right here in the United States.

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A few years ago, a little boy in a homeless shelter inspired me by saying “In a perfect world, I’d have a blue crayon. 11 This simple statement became the vision behind an international organization with a mission to show us all that we have the power to build  a perfect world. I’ve talked to children in all walks of life and circumstances. Their “perfect worlds” are often simple but deeply meaningful: a classroom, a room in a foster home, a neighborhood. Places where a simple and straightforward action can have a direct impact on their lives. In a Perfect World was created to empower these children to spark meaningful change. 28 schools, 500+ teacher projects, and 35,000 kids later, I say we’ve made a very good start.

In a Perfect World Foundation


$30 gives a backpack with school supplies to a child in the US
$220 educates 10 children in a developing country for a  year
$500 supports a Youth Ambassador community service project
$2,500 sponsors an art festival for at-risk, homeless + abused children
$5,000 builds a water well + washing station at an IAPW school
$35,000 builds a school in a developing country


In our Perfect World, young people have opportunities, tools for success, and voices. Powers that inspire them to make meaningful change. How do we get to that world? Through direct impact: we bring education, mentoring and artistic expression to high-poverty communities worldwide.

In a Perfect World 8491 W. Sunset Blvd. #515 Los –  Angeles, CA 90069 (866) 923-1555


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